Conveyor Belts

• Textile and metal rubber belts for conveyors

Steel and textile carcass rubber belts are used for bulk material handling in many industrial plants. SIG wide range of products includes multi-ply belts having a central textile carcass giving the product the mechanical features such as elongation, impact and traction resistance. In specific applications asking for an increased resistance to cut and tear, the adding of a steel reinforcement in the top cover represents another manufacturing chance.

• Rubber belts for elevators

Rubber belts for elevator systems are used for vertical buckets elevator systems that allow industrial silos loading (cement, fertilizers, agro-industry products, etc…) for bulk and solid material handling.

Depending on the application and on the handled material cathegory, rubber elevator belts can be manufactured both with a textile (nylon and polyester based) and with a steel carcass one.

• Specially constructed rubber belts

Special rubber conveyor belts are designed by our technical department according to the specific industrial field they will be used in. Thanks to our experience in the field, we can propose technical solutions in very short times in line with traditional applications

This product range represents an indisputable crucial and central added value in the field of industrial handling. As a matter of fact any of the following belts can be transversally used in many sectors where the applications requires the specific performances these belts have been designed for Inclined or tubular conveying, reinforced carcass or extremely resistance to impacts, sealing and protective belts: at SIG you will surely find the right solution for any needs, even for the most specific ones.

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